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Can you escape Karma?


I strongly believe in Karma. Not just because I am religious, but because I believe that one’s actions affects the person directly or indirectly. Simply said, one’s acts become his/her destiny.

What you give is what you get in return. Do good, and nature definitely returns you the favor. Do something wrong/evil/unethical and it sure will come back to you some day in some form. As Alicia Keys says in her song Karma “what goes around, comes around” and it definitely does!

When something bad happens, people never realize that it could be happening to them becauseĀ  of something they did in the past. It is essential to be aware of one’s doings, to set the future course on the right path.

In an earlier article, I had written about choices and their consequences. While one has control over their choices, the same is not the case with the resulting consequences. So it is very essential to analyze one’s decisions – may it be business, professional or social. Any wrong action has a direct impact on the person.

What we do to others is a result of what we think of and for them. When the feelings of jealousy, anger and revenge set in, the rest happens quickly. So it is essential to keep a tab on one’s thoughts.

The kind of thoughts and actions we relate to are what makes us what we are and sets the course for what we will become. But the net of Karma is even deeper. It keeps a track of all your good and bad and keeps a precise record of all your deeds. And it also is prompt in giving back to you what is owed to you – depending on your actions, ofcourse!

I look forward to your thoughts!

– Raj