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Steve Jobs – An Inspiration

I am no Apple fanboy, but I absolutely am inspired by the visionary behind Apple’s crowning glories – Steve Jobs. Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs’ death is saddening. But the legacy he has left behind will live forever. Every product  – right from the Macintosh computers to the revolutionary iPod – that Apple has brought out in the market has absolutely changed the market, and in no small measure. With the introduction of each product, Apple has made the competition look way far behind. Of course, the phenomenal success cannot be alluded to one man, but what is a team without a visionary leader?

Life has its ways and everything that happens, happens for a reason – sometimes we are able to comprehend it and sometimes we cannot. And that’s exactly what we go through when someone close to us dies.

The news of Steve Jobs’ death brought a very concrete thought in my mind – no matter how successful we are, no matter what we have done or what we have not done, no matter the kind of deeds we did – one day or another we will have to die. Success, money or power cannot keep us alive forever. So, the only right thing to do is to make each moment of our life count – in whatever way possible.

Death is a certainty. The time and day of death, no one knows. The only thing we can do with certainty is to live an exemplary life, a life that will make a difference to the world in a way the world will remember us for generations. That’s the kind of legacy Steve Jobs has left behind. He may be dead, but his vision and the contribution he has made to the modern technology can never be ignored.

I am sure he’d have had several more ideas that he would have loved to materialize. But he certainly would have been proud of himself for the kind of life he has lived. His life had a purpose, he had passion and he dedicated his life to his passion. What more could one ask for? And for all that came out from his passion and dedication, the world is only thankful.


Indulge in a random act of kindness


Have you indulged yourself in a random act of kindness lately? Try it and you will experience something that cannot be explained in words. But, I will make an attempt to show you what’s involved.

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that you are not doing just for the sake of it, but with a genuine desire to help someone in need. It can be anything, like helping a blind/elderly person cross the road, offering alms, or monetarily supporting a young person who cannot afford the fees to study. The underlying thought should be one of being genuinely of help to the ones who are really in need.

The result of helping a person in kind or helping a person who cannot give you back anything in return, is the feeling that you have made a difference in someone’s life, may it be even for a moment. What it does to your confidence and your self esteem can only be felt. You feel good about yourself, you feel accomplished.

A voluntary act of kindness is the best way to boost one’s confidence and self esteem. Not only that, you also get clarity. If one makes a habit of doing such acts, it becomes a part of their character and it molds the person into a better individual. Of course, by this in no way I mean to say that indulge in kindness with a selfish motive. But this is a great place to start. And when it becomes a habit, all the better.

Do let me know of your experience once you try this.



Purposeful Life – Happy Life


There have been moments when I would be deep in thought, pondering “What is the purpose of this life? What is the reason I am here?” and many more variations of such thoughts would meander in my mind. This was a long, long time ago when I was in my mid-teens.

Now in my late twenties, I have matured enough, and learned enough to realize that this life has been blessed on me to grow as a human as only a human can be. I had attended one of the discourses of a Jain monk in our community one day who gave an enlightening speech about the need to be spiritually connected.

From him I realized that being born as a human is the highest blessing a soul can get. Humans have the potential next to none other form of life in this entire universe. A man can become an angel or a devil, whichever he chooses.

As I have grown in age and maturity, I have learnt and still learning the true purpose of this human life. When I see so many people live a life less privileged, I realize that the purpose of life is to help others in need.

When I see the self inflicted sorrow in people’s lives, I realize that the purpose of this human life is not to stagnate but to grow in character, personality and integrity.

When I see the evil acts of people lost in greed, I realize that this life has been blessed on me to detach myself from materialism and reach for a higher goal: Nirvana!

In other words, I have now discovered that to traverse this  journey called life with the highest clarity and the most pure thoughts, to strive for growth and to reach the highest peaks of contentment  is the purpose of this life!

I look forward to your thoughts.

– Raj