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Lessons From The Innocence of a Child

It’s been a twin blessing of sorts. My sister gave birth to a baby girl a few months back and I also became a proud dad a few days after that. It’s been a great time being with the kids, watching them playing, lost in their own world, oblivious to the world around.

I have always been fond of kids and always tried to gain some experience from their positive behavior and traits. The most evident thing about kids is their innocence. They are like 24 carat gold – no impurities, no adulteration, just pure self. Watching their innocent gestures and behaviors makes me wonder and think “if only we could retain the innocence when we were kids, the world will be a lot different.” And I strongly believe in this thought.

But the very person who as a kid stole all hearts with that simple smile, the cute gestures and behaviors, when grows into an adult, seems to transform and no longer retains that innocence. From my understanding, as a person grows in age, his understanding of things around also grows and as his horizons expand and is exposed to the outer world, the transformation from innocence to “maturity” takes place.

I would perhaps blame it on the human race’s affinity to materialism. Although there is nothing wrong about being materialistic, it is the very seed that makes one lose that innocence and turns  a person into greedy, possessive, jealous, and what not.

So is there a way out? I believe there is. The answer is to retain a balance. The extent to which one has self control defines the extent of innocence one retains, I would say.


See things through a child’s eyes!


Every person who is frustrated with the trials of life has a lot of questions, such as “Why me?”, “Why should all these problems find me?”, “What have I done wrong to be shown all the wrong sides of life?” I am sure you will agree with me on this.

Many a times I have found myself pondering why everyone of us seems to be caught in some kind of problem, stress or trouble; why almost everyone of us seem to think that we are being tested!

Once I was watching a 3 year old child playing. She was so lost in her own merry world she was not even aware who was watching her, not bothered what everyone else was doing, happy on her own. The infant was creating a tower from those plastic cubes and suddenly the tower collapsed. The child was disappointed but started all over again. And this went on and on and on.

At that age, for that kid all her worries were about exploring the things around her, playing with her toys and enjoying the time. While she was at her task, although there were many times when she couldn’t reach her goal, she would start all over again – all in fun and positive spirit.

Then it flashed to me. When we were  kids, even we  were like that child – lost in our own world and making merry even when the tower falls down. A child does not understand ego, a child does not understand attitude problems, a child is free from false pride. As the child grows and imbibes a little understanding of the world, he is no longer the same innocent child.

The transformation from child to a young adult and then again from adolescence to an adult brings a lot of exposure and during the process the adult who once was an innocent child has learnt/created the concept of jealousy, anger, hatred, irritability, comparison, ego, and various other negative attributes.

When this flashed to me, I realised that as a person’s understanding and maturity increases, his problems increase. Not because he is not capable of handling them, but because he has created them because of his very own maturity. If he retained the same innocence and the spirit when he was a child, a lot of his so called problems will not seem that way.

So what is required is a change in perspective. The very ingredient called maturity that supposedly enables us make decisions better, is an hindrance. We think a lot about what others will think about us.

And that’s where the problems start. When we complicate things for ourselves, we see only problems but forget that it was self-created in the first place. So what is required is to take a look at things like a child would and move on.

That little kid enlightened me by just being herself and I sure hope this piece was worth your time reading it.

God bless.

-Raj Bokdia