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Postivity Versus Negativity : Choose what you focus on

focus2One of the most important aspects of anything and everything is FOCUS. If there is no focus, the end result is nothing less than chaos. Be it a routine daily task or that very important make-or-break-meeting, when one lacks focus, it is not hard to guess what will the result be. The results are not what one expects, for obvious reasons.

Now that we have established that focus is essential, it is important also to be clear on what one focuses on. What one focuses on and what one ignores, makes a lot of difference at the end of the day.

Imagine you are photographing a person, and instead of focusing on them/their face, if you focused on the background. Instead of focusing the target at hand your focus is something unnecessary. What’d be the result? Obviously, the result will not be as per expectation. Deviating from the target leads to a deviation in the result.

On a day to day basis, every goal we pursue offers us various options. What we focus on makes the difference. If one were to focus on the positive sides of a situation such as self growth, opportunity, action, or any relevant positive emotion, the end result is positive. On the other hand, if one focuses on the negative sides of a situation such as failure, disadvantage, problem, challenges and similar emotions, the person is bound to fail (as a result of his choice of focus).

It all boils down to what one chooses to focus on. No two moments are the same; no two situations are the same. Sometimes, it is joy and sometimes it is pain. These are things out of one’s control. But what one CAN certainly control is what one chooses to focus on.

Even before executing the task, even before seeing the results, if one thinks of the negative prospects and just focuses on it while executing the task, the result may not be as desired. When I say this, I don’t mean one should avoid thinking of the negative possibilities.

There is a lot of difference between FOCUS and AWARENESS. One should certainly sketch out the negative side of a situation and be aware of the same. But one should concentrate on the task at hand more than the negative issues. This will bring the desired results more effectively than focusing on negatives.

Wish you a focused day every day!
-Raj Bokdia

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Right or Wrong – Negativity always follows you…


A great thought flashed today, and I have even coined a phrase for it. When you are a success, people will find faults to put you down whether you did it the right way (ethical) or wrong (unethical). If you chose the wrong path on the way to success, you will be put down and rightly so.”

When a person is successful, say he makes a million dollars in a short span of time, there will be a lot of people to praise his achievement and who will be in awe of that person. As expected, there will also be a fair few negative people who will point out the negative side of the picture and will try to pull him down (the millionaire in this case) by finding fault.

The point is that whether you succeed by sticking to your values and ethics or going against the law, there is one thing in common although both instances are on two different moral planes. The common factor is that in either circumstances, there will be people to put you down.

As is the nature of negative people, they cannot bear the sight of people who have been successful. So if that guy has earned those millions by applying the values and ethics, then in no circumstance can any one put him down. But on the other hand, if he is a millionaire because he cheated or did some thing illegal or by any other unethical means, he will be pulled down for sure. And how? The negative mongrels are out there to find a reason to put him down in any circumstance.

So what am I getting at? There is a great line that aptly describes my line of thought – “You can never be right by doing wrong and you can never be wrong by doing right.” So if you have reached the peak of success with the right values and ethics, no one can pull you down except for yourself. But if that success was built on unethical means, then you will be pulled down by ever so happy negativity seekers.

So beware of those negative people. Although they are no do-gooders by default, they do have the power to hurt you if you are on the wrong side. So be on the right path, and no negativity can touch you!

Wish you all the success (on the right way, ofcourse)

-Raj Bokdia