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Steve Jobs – An Inspiration

I am no Apple fanboy, but I absolutely am inspired by the visionary behind Apple’s crowning glories – Steve Jobs. Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs’ death is saddening. But the legacy he has left behind will live forever. Every product  – right from the Macintosh computers to the revolutionary iPod – that Apple has brought out in the market has absolutely changed the market, and in no small measure. With the introduction of each product, Apple has made the competition look way far behind. Of course, the phenomenal success cannot be alluded to one man, but what is a team without a visionary leader?

Life has its ways and everything that happens, happens for a reason – sometimes we are able to comprehend it and sometimes we cannot. And that’s exactly what we go through when someone close to us dies.

The news of Steve Jobs’ death brought a very concrete thought in my mind – no matter how successful we are, no matter what we have done or what we have not done, no matter the kind of deeds we did – one day or another we will have to die. Success, money or power cannot keep us alive forever. So, the only right thing to do is to make each moment of our life count – in whatever way possible.

Death is a certainty. The time and day of death, no one knows. The only thing we can do with certainty is to live an exemplary life, a life that will make a difference to the world in a way the world will remember us for generations. That’s the kind of legacy Steve Jobs has left behind. He may be dead, but his vision and the contribution he has made to the modern technology can never be ignored.

I am sure he’d have had several more ideas that he would have loved to materialize. But he certainly would have been proud of himself for the kind of life he has lived. His life had a purpose, he had passion and he dedicated his life to his passion. What more could one ask for? And for all that came out from his passion and dedication, the world is only thankful.


Fear as a Motivator – A Fabulous Start

Wondering how a negative aspect can really have a positive aspect to it? Well, fear as motivation is not really a new concept. However, most of the stories, anecdotes or examples we know of are all about fear being a negative motivator – that is motivating people to do the wrong thing, go the wrong way, or ending up making a victim out of the person.

Well, in the right perspective – fear can certainly be a positive motivator (at least partially). Hmm! Example: Fear of cancer motivating an obese person to take steps to reduce weight loss; fear of losing a loved one (because on one’s wrong actions) motivating the person to come back on the right track; fear of losing the job leading the person to update his skills and look for other options.

Okay, so definition and listing the examples of fear as motivation was the easy part. The hard part comes here. The basic issue with fear as a motivator as with any external motivator is that it tends to not last long – that is it is not permanent. And the person acts only as long as the fear persists. Once the fear has vanished, the actions stop too!

Back to square one! So how does one cross this hurdle? The answer lies within us. Using an external aspect such as fear as a motivation is not a bad idea at all. In fact, if it helps in giving us a start, then why not. But relying on fear for motivation, even after we are on our way to achieving our goal, is certainly a bad idea. That is sure to give us short term results, which will also be short lived.

A good way to sustain the motivation is to seek motivation from within. This can be done by attaching some emotion to the task that we are up to such as passion, love, commitment etc. So if fear motivates you, go for it, take the opportunity and take a plunge. Once you are in it, then take a likening to it, grow an affinity to it and the rest becomes easy!

Wish you a motivation-filled day!