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Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – Lessons Learnt from the Movie

Disclaimer: This is not a review of the movie “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.”

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (ZNMD) is a refreshing movie. It’s an enjoyable movie that throws you back to your college/bachelorhood days. That’s not the only reason this movie works for me. This movie has some inspiring moments – moments that make you think and analyze if this is what you want in your life.

Three Inspirations from the Movie

1. Dare or Die in Fear

The group of three friends decide to take on the trip of their lifetime; they decide to take up on an adventure sport of their choice turn by turn. The sport that one guy picks is a surprise for the other two, and they have to partake in the dare no matter what. They experience deep sea diving, sky diving and running of the bulls. Each game that they try, tests their deepest fears.

The Lesson: We can’t t experience the magic of life if we stay boxed in fears. Fear in any form, be it fear of heights, fear of water, fear of dark, fear of failure or fear of losing someone, is only detrimental to our progress in life. The only way to remove the fear is to indulge in the activity that we fear the most. In the movie, the guy who is petrified of deep sea diving fears it only until he actually does it. Once he takes the plunge, he is transformed and feels that it was the best experience of his life.

2. If Tomorrow Never Comes

One of the protagonists, Arjun (played by Hrithik) has a motto – work, work and work, make tons of money and retire at the age of forty. Purpose? So he could enjoy his life after 40 in financial freedom. In a casual conversation with his diving instructor, he realizes that there’s no surety that he’d live up to the age of forty. All his adult life, he’d been slogging hard so he could live happily after forty. However, he realizes, happiness is in living today.

The Lesson: The sooner we realize that life is not in chasing success, but in making the most of today, the happier our lives can become. What’s the point of making money at the cost of relationships? What’s the point of fame at the cost of character? What’s the point of comfort and luxury at the cost of an unhealthy body? Absolutely nothing. The only way to live this life is to make every moment of today count. The today’s that we waste will have a huge negative bearing on our tomorrow’s.

3. Live your Life

The most emphatic point of the movie reveals itself at the climax. The protagonists are in the last leg of their adventure and its a dare that they are not sure they would survive. They decide to participate in “running of bulls” game (encierro in Spanish), where the participants run in front of a group of bulls let lose. And that’s when the threesome vouch to do something they were evading all their lives.

The Lesson: Life is unpredictable. You never know if you’re going to wake up to see another tomorrow. Why leave life’s important decisions to tomorrow? Why procrastinate? What has to be done has to be done. Then why not today! Why waste time thinking, planning and fearing the what if’s. Coz Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – You won’t get to live this life again!


Lessons from the Movie “The King’s Speech”


Disclaimer: This is not  a movie review of The King’s Speech. This post discusses the positive thoughts that the movie inspired in me.

In a world where people start judging someone by what the person wears, how she behaves and how he talks, imagine the plight of a person with speech impairment. His problem is even more complex if he is the King of the country. This movie has some inspiring moments, some of which are discussed below.

1. Perseverance – The movie shows what a person can achieve with Perseverance. The more and more the protagonist King George VI practices the right way of speech, the more confident he becomes. The more that he learns and practices the right speech methods, the more he unlearns the methods that are not good for him. There’s so much that can be learned from this single aspect of the movie.

The Lesson
: It reiterates, in a compelling manner, the age-old saying “Try, try, try – until you succeed.”

2. Support – The protagonist’s wife is his sole pillar of strength. Her unconditional support and faith in her husband is inspiring. The wife’s acts and gestures clearly show what faith and support can do to a person. When you lose faith in your very self, and someone else relentlessly works towards reinstating that confidence in you, it changes your world for ever, for the better. If the protagonist did not have the support that he received from his better half, he might not have turned into what he went on to become, given that he was already devastated and low on self-confidence.

The Lesson
: When you are on the brink of giving up by virtue of losing faith in yourself, the faith another person has in you can turnaround your life. It can re-kindle your confidence, it can give you the energy to fight back with vigor, and it can do some many more things that you might never have thought you could do.

3. Unconditional Love – This is a tad related to the above point, but still worth a mention.  Where his very own sibling and peers would make a joke of the protagonist, here came a woman into his life who remains by him at every crucial moment of his life. That, someone can do, only from the seat of unconditional love – love that has no formalities, no clauses and no rules.

The Lesson: You don’t have to be related by blood to love unconditionally. Love is love – it has no set parameters or boundaries.

4. Self-fulfilling prophecies – The protagonist, somewhere at the age of five, faces situations that go on to make him speech impaired. As he grows, he makes himself believe that his speech difficulties cannot be cured. And that’s the very belief he holds every time he meets a new doctor. The movie is a great example of how self fulfilling prophecies can destroy a man. And when those self fulfilling prophecies are your own thoughts, something needs to be done immediately. And when the protagonist realizes that his speech impairment is more in his mind than a fact, he comes out victorious.

The Lesson: Your thoughts can either make you or break you. If you believe you can’t do it, you won’t and if you believe you can do it, you will.

    Lessons from the Movie “Tanu weds Manu”

    A disclaimer: This is not  a movie review. This post discusses some good thoughts that one can take home from this movie.

    Although, there’s nothing new about the story of Tanu weds Manu, the movie is filled with feel-good moments. Its a love story laced with liberal doses of humor (at least in the first half) and there’s a lot that I took back home after the movie.

    1. Unconditional love – The hero is the epitome of unconditional love. He accepts the girl for what she is, the way she is without expecting her to change. The girl is a rebel of sorts and does not like things being imposed on her. The girl has a boyfriend when the protagonist falls in love, so he (the protagonist) just steps aside. He in fact goes on to help her marry the boy when she asks for help. The protagonist falls in love with the girl the moment he sees her. Although I don’t believe in love-at-first-sight, I do like the fact that once the guy has fallen for the girl, his love for her does not change no matter how the girl is. That’s unconditional love.

    2. Friendship – Both the main protagonists of the movie have great buddies with who they can share things with and who shower them with their wisdom (asked or unasked). Good, genuine friends are the best things that can happen to anyone. The friendships portrayed in the movie are almost taken from real life. Hence, there were a lot of emotions and moments I could relate to.

    3. Down to earth – The guy is simple, loves classic songs, respects his parents, knows the difference between right and wrong and sticks to them (at least most of the times – except at one point where he does a little thing intentionally so the girl does not get married to her boyfriend – which again is a matter of the heart more than anything).

    4. Realistic humor – Humor that is natural and is invoked from realistic circumstances is a turn-on for most people if not all. Nothing slapstick, no PJs, and no comedy of errors. Most humorous moments are ones that you and I would experience in a daily life – when with the family and friends. The humor in the movie was a real breath of fresh air.