About Raj

Hi there folks. I hail from the most interesting country of the world – India. I am a creative person. Creative platforms such as painting, crafting and poetry are my most effective mediums of communication. Blogging is a recent addition to this list.

Although I have been aware of blogs and their reach, I was never inclined to express myself this way, until recently when the thought struck me that I should share my journey of self discovery and growth with the world. This blog is about my ideas, opinions and thoughts for living life to one’s full potential.

Apart from these passions of mine, I am the founder of Cubesquare Informatics – an Internet marketing solutions company that seeks to provide top class solutions. Service is my forte and I and my team are striving to set new benchmarks of customer satisfaction and customer experience.

I love to explore the myriad opportunities and journeys that life has to offer! I hope you have as much fun reading my RANDOM WISDOM posts, as I do writing them!

-Wishing you a positive day!


12 responses to “About Raj

  1. sup bro, nice site and articles 🙂

    I know it sucks when readers don’t comment, but you’re doing a good job

  2. I just discovered you blog; great job! Also, I am interested in possibly outsourcing website design and hosting. Can you provide any insight?


  3. Long time no write! All well?

    • Hi Corinne, Thanks for dropping by – yes haven’t been writing lately. Want to get back. I will take your knock to motivate myself to write one new piece at least 🙂

  4. hey raj…
    its lovely to see u growing day by day…
    jus love u…

    • Thank you Beenu!!! We’re together on this journey of growth, and I am thankful to God for presenting you in my life. So come, lets grow together!!! 🙂

  5. Really loved reading your post. Best of luck with your ventures and in life.

  6. Hi….njoyed reading your neat n clean juggling of words….u write really well..refreshing kinda..

  7. extremely insteresting articles to read….gud work

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