Lessons from the Movie “Tanu weds Manu”

A disclaimer: This is not  a movie review. This post discusses some good thoughts that one can take home from this movie.

Although, there’s nothing new about the story of Tanu weds Manu, the movie is filled with feel-good moments. Its a love story laced with liberal doses of humor (at least in the first half) and there’s a lot that I took back home after the movie.

1. Unconditional love – The hero is the epitome of unconditional love. He accepts the girl for what she is, the way she is without expecting her to change. The girl is a rebel of sorts and does not like things being imposed on her. The girl has a boyfriend when the protagonist falls in love, so he (the protagonist) just steps aside. He in fact goes on to help her marry the boy when she asks for help. The protagonist falls in love with the girl the moment he sees her. Although I don’t believe in love-at-first-sight, I do like the fact that once the guy has fallen for the girl, his love for her does not change no matter how the girl is. That’s unconditional love.

2. Friendship – Both the main protagonists of the movie have great buddies with who they can share things with and who shower them with their wisdom (asked or unasked). Good, genuine friends are the best things that can happen to anyone. The friendships portrayed in the movie are almost taken from real life. Hence, there were a lot of emotions and moments I could relate to.

3. Down to earth – The guy is simple, loves classic songs, respects his parents, knows the difference between right and wrong and sticks to them (at least most of the times – except at one point where he does a little thing intentionally so the girl does not get married to her boyfriend – which again is a matter of the heart more than anything).

4. Realistic humor – Humor that is natural and is invoked from realistic circumstances is a turn-on for most people if not all. Nothing slapstick, no PJs, and no comedy of errors. Most humorous moments are ones that you and I would experience in a daily life – when with the family and friends. The humor in the movie was a real breath of fresh air.


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  1. tatchayini nair

    hii..i just came across your blog..interesting…good job..

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