Action and Reaction – The Way of Life

We have always heard things like “We get what we give…”, “If we do bad deeds, we would have to face the consequences…” and so on and so forth.

So where am I getting at? Well, if every action had an equal and opposite reaction, I wonder when I express hatred to someone, would I experience love in return for my action? Not at all. The reaction could be anything, but certainly not positive. So if I have negative feelings for someone, it is almost always possible that the other person will reciprocate the feeling.

On the other hand, if I expressed love (to a friend, a dear one, parents…) for someone, a third person might not like it and I might become a target of that person’s emotions (jealousy, ego, etc). In such a scenario, your action got an equal and opposite reaction from a 3rd party! Sounds funny right? But if given a serious thought, that’s the reality.

No matter what you do, no matter how good you are as a person, there are always people who I like to call the negativity seekers. There’s a special term dedicated to such characters – energy suckers! No matter how good a deed you do, either their ego or their pessimistic nature makes them take a dig at you (either in front of your – or behind your back – which is more often the case)! There’s really nothing much you can do here, can you? The best way is to IGNORE the noise and focus on the MUSIC!

That’s what I do, and it works. If you had to keep thinking about what such people think of you, or what they said about you, just imagine the things you miss out on! They suck your energy with their negative vibes, and you sooner than later fall in their trap! In turn, you lose your peace.

So just ignore the NOISE and focus on the MUSIC and stay tuned with the rhythm of your life.

Here’s to life


4 responses to “Action and Reaction – The Way of Life

  1. Nice read Raj!!!

  2. Hi 🙂 iv very much enjoyed reading your blogs..! I have one question I would like your thoughts on

    “if you put right your wrong will karma balance itself back out”

    Awaiting in anticipation


    • Hi Fee – Thanks for writing in. Good question. The concept of Karma does not work in the mathematical sense wherein if you did 3 bad acts and then 3 good acts, and 3 – 3 becomes ZERO. Rather, for all the good you do, you get proportionate amount of good happening in your life (the multiple is determined by the divine), and for the bad that a person does, he has to go through proportional amount of bad phase in his life. Hope this helps! Thanks for the question. Raj

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