Judging People by their Appearance – A Wrong Step Forward

judging a person by his appearanceWhat’s the first thing that we do when meeting a new person? We judge! Well, judging someone by their appearance is an inherent human instinct I suppose. If that was not enough, people end up making wrong judgments.

Well, this is what I have found from my experience. I am sure even I would have come in this net at some point or another. But how does someone reach conclusions? Easy question. First impressions, of course.

When we meet someone, we observe they way they are dressed, the way they talk, walk, and what not. And that observation “helps” us in making a judgment (right or wrong) about the person. Many a times, I have found that, people perceive an introvert as arrogant, and a person who sweet-talks is considered extremely friendly and a “good” person. People make judgments about someone’s status/wealth from what they wear and what they don’t.

There is obviously something wrong here. First off, it is really hard to completely understand a person from just a few minutes of acquaintance. Secondly, to judge a person from his/her external appearances could be totally misleading.

For example, how in the world would I know the difference between a conman and a genuine gentleman, assuming they both are dressed well? On the contrary, it is quite possible that I might mistake one for the other, because the conman night be skilled at pretending to be someone who he is not, and the gentleman might be aggressive-to-look-at but actually could be warmth-personified.

Although, this is a hypothetical situation, I am sure many of us would have come across such situations in real life, where we mistake a person’s character from their appearances.

I wonder how many relationships could have been saved, how many farce relationships unshackled, how many business deals might have been clinched, how many frauds could have been averted, if we were never equipped with this human-instinct of judging people from appearances!

I wonder if we never had the ability to judge people by their appearance, what could have been the pros and the cons. I have a feeling the pros would outweigh the cons. Well, the saving grace is that to judge or not to judge is still a decision that I can make. Thank God for that!

Wishing you a wonderful and positive day!



10 responses to “Judging People by their Appearance – A Wrong Step Forward

  1. Awesome website, I had not noticed randomwisdomblog.wordpress.com previously during my searches!
    Continue the fantastic work!

  2. Mahine Kaviani

    interesting article.we should learn so much from it and other articles concerning judging people.

  3. Interesting article. It makes a great point to that some people can be Lazy Donkeys.

  4. This really helped for my daughter because she was learning about frankenstein and when felix judged the monster by his apperances

  5. nice article, I can learn more about judging people from their appearance. it is not always a right way…. thank a lot.

  6. Nice! really had a good time reading your posts.I found found your blog recently.Keep up the good work!

  7. Hello Raj, thanks alot for your sharing, good article, i should learn not to judge people again, and also myself.

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