Is Silence the Answer?

How important is communication in a relationship? I am sure the answer is obvious – VERY much! Alright. But despite good communication, healthy love, and all positive things in a relationship – why do things go topsy-turvy? Hmmm! Expectations is the culprit I believe. But what’s expectations got to do with communication. Well, on a closer look, there is a deep connection.

There’s no one in this world who has no expectations (except for monks and people on a spiritual path). But how one handles the expectation is the question. Every partner has some expectations, but your partner is no God to know about your expectations. So if one does not communicate the expectations, and still expects that they be met – there are bound to be some bumps on the road. So to ensure a bump-free ride (at least on the expectations front) communication is the key!

To sum it up, silence is never an answer when it comes to expectations. Well, that’s a different matter whether your expectations are met or otherwise. Now that looks like a good topic for my next write-up 🙂

Do share your comments, suggestions and experiences!



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