Monthly Archives: December 2009

Lessons From The Innocence of a Child

It’s been a twin blessing of sorts. My sister gave birth to a baby girl a few months back and I also became a proud dad a few days after that. It’s been a great time being with the kids, watching them playing, lost in their own world, oblivious to the world around.

I have always been fond of kids and always tried to gain some experience from their positive behavior and traits. The most evident thing about kids is their innocence. They are like 24 carat gold – no impurities, no adulteration, just pure self. Watching their innocent gestures and behaviors makes me wonder and think “if only we could retain the innocence when we were kids, the world will be a lot different.” And I strongly believe in this thought.

But the very person who as a kid stole all hearts with that simple smile, the cute gestures and behaviors, when grows into an adult, seems to transform and no longer retains that innocence. From my understanding, as a person grows in age, his understanding of things around also grows and as his horizons expand and is exposed to the outer world, the transformation from innocence to “maturity” takes place.

I would perhaps blame it on the human race’s affinity to materialism. Although there is nothing wrong about being materialistic, it is the very seed that makes one lose that innocence and turnsĀ  a person into greedy, possessive, jealous, and what not.

So is there a way out? I believe there is. The answer is to retain a balance. The extent to which one has self control defines the extent of innocence one retains, I would say.