Be grateful by being a contributor


Living in a country like India, where stark contrasts of affluence and poverty go hand in hand, poverty is a part of life – for the slum dwellers as well as the not so poor. But, it is very hard to imagine the life struggles of the poor people.

I am very thankful to have been showered with this life where I did not have to struggle at all. I am humbled at having been blessed with all things and beyond necessity.

I see people who barely scrape for every day living. For people who have the money life without the ipod, the blackberry or the latest Dell laptop seems hard to live. On the other hand, if these slum-dwellers get two full meals every day, it is more than heaven for them. For them seeing what they have not seen is heaven. For ones who have seen everything and don’t get to access it even for a few moments, life becomes hell.

I am here in now way pointing to any one in particular or judging any one. I am only self introspecting here. Obviously, if one has the means, there is nothing wrong in getting what one wants. At the end of the day, fulfilling one’s desire is the reason one works hard. What I am trying to get at is the need for the wealthy portion of the (world) population to show their gratitude not just by being thankful, but by getting involved in activities that help poor, by becoming a part of a charity or better still initiate their own cause to help the poor.

I in no way intend to sound preachy when I say this, but I think if one can be an active contributing part of the community, that’s the most productive gratitude one would pay.

What are your thoughts?



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