Convert your negative energy!


How many times have you found yourself feeling frustrated at others for not having met your expectations? How many times have you been angry at the government, at the system, at your boss, at your friends for things they have done and wondered how you could change that.

The above lines pretty much describes my experiences. There are many occasions where I so much crave for control over others’ actions. Obviously, thats a foollish thought. One can control no one but his/her own thoughts. I have now realized that there is no point bickering about things and being angry – It only hampers my growth.

What I now do is to channelize the very same negative energies like aggression and anger into a positive energy. I believe that any kind of emotion, be it negative or positive – is a form of energy. Only difference is that negative emotions suck energy from you and positive energy spreads. So if I channelize the negative energy towards a positive thought, what happens is that I have transformed my negative energy and utilized it.

When I am using that very aggression towards a positive thought, by showing agression in getting that goal completed, or if I channelize that anger over the system and use that to make a difference in the community, I have outgrown my negative energies and at the same time I have tread on a positive path.

Anything and everything that we seek comes only with practice. So if we keep practicing this technique, we will be able to completely remove negativity from our lives.

Wish you a happy life.



5 responses to “Convert your negative energy!

  1. I find it fun to trap anger or frustration energy in a laugh then redirect it towards what I consider better or best…So what you write here resonates happily within me. All ways to be an energy transformer create more life fun. Thanks for sharing your ways!

    • Yes Elizabeth, redirecting the aggressive energy seems to do magic. Good to know someone who is already doing such a thing. Would enlightened to know some of your experiences. Cheers!

  2. Cause and effect. The law of attraction. It’s is that simple and you are right…everything is energy. However sending out negative energy no matter the thought or intention returns back to you the negative. And sending out intentions and thoughts using positive energy causes a return of the positive. If you are transmuting negative energy into positive energy then it is not being sent into the universe as negative energy if you say you are transmuting it. Although there is a way to send energy out from you and have it transmuted by the earth or the sun. The great thing about energy work and things like the law of attraction is that it follows the principles of the laws of energy and quantum physics. Check Steve Pavlina at he is awesome at explaining how energy works so that it is easy to understand without having to have a science degree.

  3. Hi Raj

    They say love is the highest energy and when you are around someone who is focused on the love for all things they actually elevate your energy.

    So, choose for the love. Choose love in all situations.

    In order to find true fullfilment, I believe we need to stop looking at the outside of ourselves to satisfy us. We have become to dependant on something that is ever changing, whereas within each of us is an eternity that is immovable, immeasurable and full of love.

    True peace is being able to accept, embrace and love all things, all situations, all people. Change begins within us.

    thanks for setting up such a nice blog.


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