Remove anger, Improve the quality of life!


Everyone of us is aware of the fact that anger is not good for our physical as well as mental health. We are also aware that the consequence of an angry reaction is not positive. Yet, we choose to react angrily in a situation that either provokes us or we are not happy with.

Everyone of us faces some situation or another on a day to day basis, where we are provoked and as a reaction, we choose to become angry at the person or situation. Angry or Irritated reaction tends to come naturally in situations where one has no control over. And the situation does not necessarily have to be extreme. Of course, there are situations where it looks justified.

The truth is that, however justified we may feel, anger does no good to the person venting it as well as the person receiving it. It instead only worsens the situation. Not convinced?

Jog your memory and picture any recent situation where you reacted angrily. Try to recollect the reaction of the person you were angry with. What was the outcome? Was the purpose solved? Did the situation get sorted after your angry reaction. In all probability, the answer would be in the negative.

Here’s why. The simple fact remains that even though you may be right, no body – yes, no body likes being yelled at, even if he is completely in the wrong.The consequence of an angry reaction is contrary to what you may expect. It in all probability will only worsen the situation.

When one is in anger, the person does not have control over his thoughts and he may unknowingly hurt the other person’s feelings. Further, the person facing the heat will never listen and accept an angry reaction. He will either deny the situation or completely ignore what you have to say. So what’s the point of all this? You have ended up wasting your energy, increased your blood pressure and heart rate, you have just spoiled your mood, and yet you are in no control of the situation. And yet, the situation has not improved any bit. If on the other hand, if the reaction would have been softer and one of understanding, there definitely could have been some resolution, you definitely would have seen some cooperation from the other person.

On a daily basis, I come across situations where I naturally react in anger. This was the situation when I was not as enlightened. Now with experience, I understand that if I show anger it is of no purpose, in fact, in all probability it only affects me – my health and my thoughts. So, now I choose to react either politely or not react at all. I choose the latter option with strangers, with people who I don’t know. For example, when I am driving and I see an obvious obstruction, I just calm myself and show him a stern face. When I am in a queue and see a person barging in, I just sternly say ask him to follow the queue. And when it comes to near and dear ones, friends or people who I know well, I side step anger by reacting in a polite manner and patiently explaining them the situation. This seems to work wonders, trust me.

I have found the key to peace of mind and good health. Try what I do and so will you.

Wish you a happy life…



2 responses to “Remove anger, Improve the quality of life!

  1. Aloha Raj! I really like your blog here. Something I learned from a co-worker years ago that has become one of my personal favorite sayings that goes hand in hand with this topic is: “Be pro+active, not re-active.” 🙂

    E malama pono,
    Francie aka FLoW

    • Hey Francie, Thx for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. That’s a nice thought: not reacting to a situation out of control is the best way out. Good one! Glad you like my blog. Thx again. Cheers to you.

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