Can you escape Karma?


I strongly believe in Karma. Not just because I am religious, but because I believe that one’s actions affects the person directly or indirectly. Simply said, one’s acts become his/her destiny.

What you give is what you get in return. Do good, and nature definitely returns you the favor. Do something wrong/evil/unethical and it sure will come back to you some day in some form. As Alicia Keys says in her song Karma “what goes around, comes around” and it definitely does!

When something bad happens, people never realize that it could be happening to them because  of something they did in the past. It is essential to be aware of one’s doings, to set the future course on the right path.

In an earlier article, I had written about choices and their consequences. While one has control over their choices, the same is not the case with the resulting consequences. So it is very essential to analyze one’s decisions – may it be business, professional or social. Any wrong action has a direct impact on the person.

What we do to others is a result of what we think of and for them. When the feelings of jealousy, anger and revenge set in, the rest happens quickly. So it is essential to keep a tab on one’s thoughts.

The kind of thoughts and actions we relate to are what makes us what we are and sets the course for what we will become. But the net of Karma is even deeper. It keeps a track of all your good and bad and keeps a precise record of all your deeds. And it also is prompt in giving back to you what is owed to you – depending on your actions, ofcourse!

I look forward to your thoughts!

– Raj


12 responses to “Can you escape Karma?

  1. I really want to believe in Karma but I feel that the bad people “always win” per say. And maybe that comes from working in the political sector. For years I have sat back and watched as genuinely good people get crapped on while the evil people get away with murder. It’s so unfair! Not to sound mean or anything, but have you ever noticed that really mean people live forever while the good people die young? I remember posing that question to my grandmother and her stating that God doesn’t want the bad people. That may be true but it is still discouraging non the less.

    • Well my answer is: Well, from my experiences I have found that for your bad deeds, you do get harmed – it may not directly come from the same source, but it does harm. And another point I’d like you to look at is, why look at what bad people are doing and what wrong they are doing? Rather should we not look at what is right?

  2. “because I believe that one’s actions affects the person directly or indirectly.” Why do you believe this?

    I have heard that karma is not supposed to be “cosmic justice” but it sounds like that is what you mean by it.

    Plato thought that doing something wrong harms yourself because you corrupt your soul. If that is true, Karma would be unnecessary.

    • Hi James, I believe Karma is not just about action and its consequence. It goes beyond that. Karma is a person’s account of wrongs and rights and according to his actions, he becomes. Even I do not believe that Karma is Cosmic Justice and that is not my message through this article. Karma is not a thought of recent times. It is a belief of religions like Jainism and Buddhism since 1000s of years. And the principle is based on the basic fact that a soul reincarnates itself until it attains moksha or nirvana. So these principles state that one’s actions affect him/her either in this life or another. And this is not cosmic justice, but something that he goes through just because of his actions.

  3. How can an action effect you without being a consequence?

    Also, isn’t the point that good actions will eventually benefit you somehow, and bad actions will harm you somehow? How can we know for sure what any of these words mean? Why would this happen without some kind of divine justice?

  4. No, I don’t think one can escape karma. Although I think some people’s karma comes back to them very much later, but that’s ok!

    It’s important to do the things that are meaningful to you. Even if it means seeking justice for others.

  5. Raj, I normally don’t like commenting until I’ve read *blog+comments entirely* before posting but I’m pretty sleepy right now, lol. I just want to leave this thought with you &your readers for now.. I too believe in karma.. In the sense that my personal faith is based on this acronym: S.M.I.L.E. = Spiritually Minded Is Life Eternal 😀

    Hopefully, I’ll have time to check back again in the near future! Peace be with you and all your readers! E malama pono (take care), Francie

  6. can you tell people what you did and what happens to you for your karma i done bad things in life and they all come back to me now 😦

    • well acceptance is certainly a good start. like I say in one of my articles – you can choose your actions, but what happens after your action (the reaction) is not in your hands.

  7. hi raj. good write-up. read this article. you will really like it.

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