Neutral Reactions – Positive Life


I have realized over time how essential it is to be able to be in the positive frame of mind in all circumstances. I have realized that the way I react to a scenario, has a direct impact on my behavior and mood. I have also realized that I have control over my thoughts, that I have control over how I react in different circumstances.

But this is now. When I wasn’t so enlightened, even small things that didn’t go my way would make me irritable and angry. As a consequence, my mind would be filled with all sorts of thoughts of remorse, regret and “If only I had done this the other way…” kind of justifications. All this would only lead to negativity.

On hindsight, I have now realized that the best way to handle any situation is to stay neutral. This only comes with practice. So the best way is to practice with small things as well as even in positive circumstances. If one has to think neutral, he/she has to be so in all situations – positive or negative or else it will not be as effective.

If I can be neutral to any circumstance, be it positive or negative, I am better equipped to handle any unforeseen circumstance. When I say be neutral, I am not saying to not react at all.

For every positive circumstance be glad, but don’t go overboard and get overconfident or proud. Find out what you did right and keep that in your memory. Accepting all successes and positive circumstances humbly is a great way to stay neutral. Similarly, for every negative incident, one doesn’t need a week’s isolation and self-remorse to recover. Instead the best thing to do is to accept the situation. Pick out the lesson, and have faith in your abilities.

So when we are better able to cope with negativity and are neutral in even the brightest of moments, we are programming our mind to see both sides of the coin as normal and manageable. This better equips us to cope with all situations better and accept reality easily and quickly.

Best wishes



5 responses to “Neutral Reactions – Positive Life

  1. Your words are so inspirational to me, thank you!

    • Hey Holly, Glad you find the articles inspiring. Thank you for your comments. Keep coming back for more. Cheers! Raj

  2. hey Raj….no doubt the article is fantastic…But cud u pls tell me upto what extent u are able to follow this in life?and How?

    • Renu,

      When we want something in life, we have to go towards it. So if you want a peaceful experience in everything and every act of yours, then one has to take efforts towards it. The best effort one can put is to become conscious of one’s actions and reactions. Analyze if that was right or wrong or if you had reacted another way, could there have been another result and so on. When I talk about staying neutral I mean that whether positive or negative circumstance, if I can take the experience and leave the emotions neutral without going overboard (extreme happiness or extreme sadness), then there is a lot of tranquility in life. Hope this helps. Cheers!!!

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