Live In The Now!

image002Today is not yesterday. And yesterday is not tomorrow. Every day is different. The best way to savor every moment is to take it as it comes and be happy in the moment. You have to leave all your forward planning in the sack sometimes to enjoy the NOW.

Life is not a journey from one destination to another; it is rather an experience. Life cannot be measured only with successes and failures. There is more to life than just black or white, up or down, this or that!

Why do we have to say I will be happy when I get from here to there, when I become that, when I get that, etc. etc. Why does life has to be dependent on external or materialistic factors for us to be happy? Happiness comes from contentment and internal abundance. That’s the magic of life. That’s the way life is.

So be in the moment, enjoy the moment like it is your last and forget all the worries and problems as soon as they happen. The way you feel is your choice. No one can make you angry unless you choose to. No one can make you jealous until you choose to. So, go ahead enjoy the life’s spontaneity and live the now!

-Raj Bokdia


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