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Purposeful Life – Happy Life


There have been moments when I would be deep in thought, pondering “What is the purpose of this life? What is the reason I am here?” and many more variations of such thoughts would meander in my mind. This was a long, long time ago when I was in my mid-teens.

Now in my late twenties, I have matured enough, and learned enough to realize that this life has been blessed on me to grow as a human as only a human can be. I had attended one of the discourses of a Jain monk in our community one day who gave an enlightening speech about the need to be spiritually connected.

From him I realized that being born as a human is the highest blessing a soul can get. Humans have the potential next to none other form of life in this entire universe. A man can become an angel or a devil, whichever he chooses.

As I have grown in age and maturity, I have learnt and still learning the true purpose of this human life. When I see so many people live a life less privileged, I realize that the purpose of life is to help others in need.

When I see the self inflicted sorrow in people’s lives, I realize that the purpose of this human life is not to stagnate but to grow in character, personality and integrity.

When I see the evil acts of people lost in greed, I realize that this life has been blessed on me to detach myself from materialism and reach for a higher goal: Nirvana!

In other words, I have now discovered that to traverse this  journey called life with the highest clarity and the most pure thoughts, to strive for growth and to reach the highest peaks of contentment  is the purpose of this life!

I look forward to your thoughts.

– Raj


Live In The Now!

image002Today is not yesterday. And yesterday is not tomorrow. Every day is different. The best way to savor every moment is to take it as it comes and be happy in the moment. You have to leave all your forward planning in the sack sometimes to enjoy the NOW.

Life is not a journey from one destination to another; it is rather an experience. Life cannot be measured only with successes and failures. There is more to life than just black or white, up or down, this or that!

Why do we have to say I will be happy when I get from here to there, when I become that, when I get that, etc. etc. Why does life has to be dependent on external or materialistic factors for us to be happy? Happiness comes from contentment and internal abundance. That’s the magic of life. That’s the way life is.

So be in the moment, enjoy the moment like it is your last and forget all the worries and problems as soon as they happen. The way you feel is your choice. No one can make you angry unless you choose to. No one can make you jealous until you choose to. So, go ahead enjoy the life’s spontaneity and live the now!

-Raj Bokdia

Good or Bad – Every incident has a Positive experience!


Failure and Success, Good and bad experiences,  and Sorrow – all these are a part of life. No one’s life is perfect; so sometimes you see happiness and some times you see the other side.

I have learnt from my experiences and strongly believe that whatever decisions we take is our choice but the resulting consequence is not our choice. So when we have made a choice and the resultant consequence, even if it turned out to be sour – the first thing to do is take responsibility for it.

The next step is to take out the good experience from it and trash the junk. Every experience in one’s life – be it good or bad, successful or failure definitely brings something good or put in other words – we need to find the gem in the dust and separate it.

From my experience in my career I have found that even if the result of your choice was a negative one, the right thing to do is to rise up, pick out the positive thoughts and experience from the incident and go at it with all new faith and optimism. Whatever happened has happened, but what happens next is our choice. The right way ahead is to seek the positive experience even from a negative incident. Only this way do we grow as a person and can we cross the bridge towards success.

Look forward to your thoughts!

– Raj Bokdia